To ensure optimum performance and maximum service life, a program of regular inspection and maintenance should be considered.  Our service technicians are available to provide seasonal start-up, periodic, and seasonal shut-down maintenance following BAC standards and procedures as well as other manufacturers. Please contact us for a copy of the Operation & Maintenance guide for your specific piece of equipment.


Chicago Cooling Tower Company, Inc. uses engineered OEM and high quality replacement parts to repair and upgrade existing units to restore thermal performance and extend equipment life cycle

Refurbishing may include:               Complete Restoration Services:  
  • Fan Wheels                
  • Sand Blast and Coat Hot and Cold Water Basins
  • Fan Shafts 
  • Repair or Replace Service Platforms & Access Doors  
  • Bearings 
  • Safety Ladders, Cages and Platforms
  • Drive Belts 
  • Complete Fill Media Kits and Supports
  • Make-Up Valves
  • Drift Eliminators 
  • Basin Heaters 
  • Spray Distribution Piping
  • Sump Screens
  • Spray Nozzles